Gravity Servers’ Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is simple and provides you with more options than if you were to have all of your data on a physical server. Businesses are more mobile than ever before and if you are limited to data stored on a physical server, there are limitations in your business model.

Gravity Servers offers cloud hosting where you have the option of purchasing a block of resources that you can use at any time. You will have the freedom to select the number of CPU cores, the amount of RAM and disk space, and even how many IP addresses you need. This allows you to create the environment that you need virtually, thus saving you money.

When you decide to go virtual, you no longer need a server room within your facility. This frees up room that can be used for storage, office space, or even retail space. You also won’t have the added electric, thus saving you money on your utility bills on a monthly basis. As technology increases or your needs increase, you don’t have to purchase anything for the server room because you have virtualization working for you.

The control panel offered to you with cloud hosting gives you the opportunity to create one or multiple virtual machines (VMs) to use the resources that you have purchased. This allows you to give access to multiple employees so they can have a virtual machine to use. This can be loaded with data and software so they can run things in a mobile environment.

Your resources are your own. There is essentially a wall between what you have and what others have. If you have public cloud hosting, you may be sharing a server, but you are not sharing resources. What’s yours is yours and no one will be able to access what you have. You can choose to reboot and power on and off your VMs without disrupting what goes on with anyone else.

There is also a self-healing cloud infrastructure. This is critical because you want to minimize downtime. If your cloud cannot heal itself, you could end up with downtime that is costing your operation money. At Gravity Servers, we use the best in virtualization technology to prevent this from happening – and this is why more people are choosing to host their clouds with us.

You can destroy and recreate VMs at any time. This allows you to get rid of old software and old users. As you change staff and enhance programs, you may want to destroy a machine so that there is no evidence of it. You can then recreate a new one with as many resources as you want on them. Since you control the VMs, you can allot the resources as needed.

Just as you would buy a machine with a specific amount of disc space and RAM on it, you can do the same in a virtual environment. You simply choose how much you want each machine to have and it will be created. As you need access to more resources for more VMs, you simply upgrade on your plan.


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