Cloud Hosting: Cast-Iron Infrastructure with Industry-Leading Technologies

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for an economical shared-kernel environment, or VMWare’s award-winning kernel-based VMs, or a mix of both, Gravity Servers Cloud Hosting options can fit any need that your organization has. From a single VM all the way to large private clouds, our Cloud Certified Administrators and Engineers are there to guide you, and even manage your cloud for you, every step of the way. We know how time consuming maintaining this technology can be, and how confusing at times. Why not allow someone who’s been doing this for over a decade manage everything for you, allowing you time to concentrate on the things that matter most to you?

Company-Wide Hosting Features

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    Relentless Support

    When you have an issue in your environment, we remain relentless and on task until we have a fix that works for you.  You pay our bills, which means that we work until we’ve fixed any problem that you might have.

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    Juniper Network

    Our network and network backbone consists of Juniper equipment: the leading brand for data center network equipment.  We stay a minimum of 200% overprovisioned to prevent slowdowns, crashes, and other issues.

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    Multiple Data Centers

    We have multiple data center locations around the US: one on each corner of the US, and one central. This helps you get to the best geographical location, or to have disaster recovery in another location in the US.

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    Certified Administrators

    All of our administrators are certified by both our internal educational programs and industry-recognized certification programs in the areas they provide support in. We believe in quality, knowledgeable support.

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    Daily Backups

    No matter whether you are on our shared storage, VPS plans, or private clouds, we offer daily backups as part of every plan. Your data is important to you, thus it is important to us. Enjoy security and freedom.

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    Money Back Guarantee

    All of our plans come with a money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied, then we will refund your money (varying time periods) with absolutely no questions asked.  We want your satisfaction, not just your money.

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    Unmetered Bandwidth

    All of our plans, no matter how small or large, have unlimited bandwidth.  Rather than set some arbitrary limit, we simply allow you to use what you need. We keep our projected capacity at 200% of maximum so as to always deliver.

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    100% Owned Hardware

    We are a 100% debt-free, privately owned company with our own equipment.  We don’t lease our equipment, resell other company’s stuff, or owe money on anything.  Our financial stability means we’re here to stay.

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    DDoS Protection

    All of our plans are covered by our free DDoS protection. We automatically scan and detect any attacks and provide free protection up to 2Gbps. Additional protection is at reasonable prices, and can be added on at any time.

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    24-7-465 Support

    Our support team is on call 24-7-365.  The Internet never sleeps, so why should you have to wait until “business hours” to get a rapid, problem-solving response from us?  We have employees on at every location every hour.

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    Modern Technologies

    We use modern technologies, both hardware and software. Our hardware is branded, modern systems, while our software is the best in class, designed for maximum stability and speed. As our customers, you deserve the best.

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    Instant/Quick Setup

    Our shared and VPS plans, as well as many dedicated servers offer instant provisioning and setup.  Private clouds, by their nature, require input from you, but over 90% of these are provisioned and ready within 24 hours.

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    99.9% Uptime Guarantee

    With our resilient, self-healing, multi-homed, redundant network, we can promise, and deliver, 99.9% network uptime.  What good is a down website? Uptime is the cornerstone of your business, and should be the same with ours.

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    Unmanaged or Fully ``White Glove`` Managed

    We offer unmanaged plans at competitive prices, so that if you can manage the technical side, you can. If you need it, we also offer “white glove” managed servers where we do just about everything for you, so you can relax.

Cloud Hosting Features

Public Cloud HostingPrivate Cloud Hosting

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    VMWare ESXi: Kernel-Based VMs

    Our kernel-based VPS run on the award winning, industry-standard VMWare ESXi Hypervisor, and is perfect for those customers looking for a high-performance VPS that requires a dedicated kernel, or a VPS that they can run Windows on.

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    Instant Provisioning

    Whether you choose SolusVM or VMWare ESXi, your VPS will be instantly provisioned upon your order completion. The OS is automatically installed, and you are delivered all details of your VPS, usually being online within five minutes.

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    Large Selection of Operating Systems

    We provide a large selection of operating systems that can be provisioned to your VPS initially or reprovisioned directly in the control panel. From the favorite Linux distros out today, to most of the versions of Windows, we have it all.

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    Single IPv4 Included w/Additional Available

    All servers come with a single usable IPv4 IP address. More IPs are available (up to a full /24 Class C block) with proper ARIN justification, and at a reasonable cost. We are also fully IPv6 compliant, with IPv6 blocks available upon request.

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    Daily Backups for all Virtual Servers

    Off-site, block-level backups done daily that allows the restoration of a single file, or the entire server, if needed. We provide full access to your backups at no extra charge, and restores are quick, even if it is a bare metal of the server.

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    Unrestricted Access and Control

    We hand you the keys. With full root admin access, you can customize your dedicated server any way you want and get unrestricted access to your computing resources, but, if needed, our team is there to help.

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    Uninterrupted Power

    Our redundant power feeds are backed by world-class UPS systems and diesel generators. Our datacenters are fully redundant and our N+1 architecture is supported by robust power availability. Even if we lost power and several network providers, we’d still be online.

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    SolusVM: Shared Kernel VMs

    SolusVM provides a shared-kernel VPS with great performance and an economical price. With full control over your server, you can start, stop, reboot, and even reinstall your OS at the start of a button with a large selection of OS templates.

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    Underlying Hardware RAID

    All of our VPS nodes run on Enterprise grade hardware with full RAID10 SAS arrays with Enterprise SSD caching. This leverages the hot data for the virtual servers, allowing them to run commonly used data at SSD speeds: up to 200x faster.

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    Control From a Single Control Panel

    Your VPS can be controlled directly from within our Customer Portal. You can see your bandwidth usage, power your server on and off, reboot it, and completely reprovision it’s OS if necessary. Power right at your fingertips!

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    100Mbps or Gigabit Uplinks

    All VPS accounts come standard with a 100Mbps port with unmetered bandwidth. We offer upgrades to 250Mbps, 500Mbps and Gigabit ports, if needed, at reasonable addon rates. We’ll help you get the bandwidth and speed that your site needs.

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    Choice of Data VC

    With several data center locations around the US, and with us adding two more this year, we can provide you a geographically sound location for your site, or even additional locations for geo-loadbalancing or disaster recovery.

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    World-Class Network

    Our datacenters use a multi-gigabit carrier-neutral network for maximum performance and redundancy, an end-to-end Juniper hardware network with constant extra capacity, proactive firewalls, load balancers, a 24/7 GNOC, and more to make sure you’re stable.

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    Proactive Security

    With a combination of security rules, proactive firewall policies, rebootless kernel updates, hardened PHP versions, enterprise-grade hardware, we have some of the most secure servers in the business.

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