Cloud Storage Technologies

Understanding the cloud storage technologies will help you to understand what each do and how storage can be broken up so that you have more options over the data that is being stored in the cloud. Depending upon the storage component, it will also allow you to access the data in specific ways, either locally on a server or otherwise.

 Single Hard Drives

You have the option of obtaining a dedicated server, which can be leased from Gravity Servers. You have the option of using more than one, but the benefit is being able to differentiate each drive as a separate volume. For example, you can have each volume depicted by a different letter (C: drive, E: drive, and so on).

Single SSDs

SSDs are solid-state drives and are virtually indestructible. The other benefit is that they read and write much faster than a standard hard drive because there are no moving parts. You don’t have any latency and these can be leased as well. There is a higher cost per GB, but it can be worth it based upon the needs of your company.

RAID Array Hard Drives

These can be leased so that you have a dedicated server. You also have access to the OpenVZ, giving you virtualization on a Linux setup, which is a budget way of hosting. This can take multiple hard drives and combine them into a single large-storage volume for you to access. RAID arrays are resilient so you don’t have to worry about losing any kind of data. There is a low cost per GB and you will increase the read and write performance with each drive that you add.


These are a little more unique and offered with private clouds. You can still combine multiple drives onto one large-storage volume, but it is with SSDs as opposed to hard drives. You get incredible performance and the resiliency of RAID.

 RAID Array Hard Drives with SSD Caching

The final option available to you is a hybrid between RAID array hard drives and SSDs. You get the low price point but with a higher level of resiliency so that you can have a fast-acting cache for data that is used with more frequency. Your storage will become faster and it can be used on private and public clouds.

As you learn more about the technologies for cloud storage, you can decide which one is right for you.


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