Gravity Servers Disaster Recovery Services

Security for your application to keep you running 24-7-365, no matter what happens.

Disaster Recovery looks different for every business. What works for one organization does not necessarily address the pressing issues of another. You have to diligently assess the risks associated with downtime – especially revenue, lead generation and reputation – and weigh them against the costs of implementing a DR strategy that meets your desired recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPO and RTO). This is where the friction occurs and, more often than not, businesses are forced to severely compromise or abandon their DR solution for budgetary reasons.

Here at Gravity Servers, we understand that Disaster Recovery is something that is different for every single organization or business. What works for you doesn’t necessarily work for someone else, and may not even begin to address the pressing needs of another, and completely miss meeting the regulatory requirements of another. With Gravity Servers’ Disaster Recovery services, we step in to help you meet whatever combination of needs that you may have.

The wide acceptance of cloud technology and the needs to meet ever-shrinking profit margins, has driven businesses to stay open and operating 24-7-365. However, this brings with it the assumption by your customers that you will be online 24-7-365, and even a period of 10 minutes downtime can cost you potential customers, orders, or even prompt your current customers to seek someone else to provide the services that you’re providing. This makes Gravity Servers’ Disaster Recovery services no longer optional. You can’t afford to gamble with lost revenue, or worse, a lost reputation, because of downtime.

Disaster Recovery Services: Pieces of the Puzzle

We use a combination of modern technologies including off-site backups, replication to other data centers, load balancing, high availability, and cloud hosting across four different US data centers, and one European data center. Our Certified Cloud Architechts and Administrators create custom solutions to meet your specific needs, and then provide you 24-7-365 protection. This can be done by either integrating your current on-premise environment with a Gravity Servers’ Disaster Recovery site, or a Gravity Servers data center with a Gravity Servers Disaster Recovery Site at another one of our data centers. We can also freely integrate with Azure, Amazon, and other cloud providers, to give you an economical, protective service that guarantees your uptime.

Disaster Recovery: The Basics

Although every single Disaster Recovery scenario is different, there is a basic architecture that is the beginning skeleton of any plan. You have a site that you need protected, whether that is servers on your premise, servers at another hosting provider, servers with us, or servers already in the cloud. Those servers, that data, is replicated to a secondary site, which allows you, if the first site experiences an outage of any kind, to fail over to this second site, run there, and then fail back at a time of convenience when the original problem has been fixed.


Gravity Servers Disaster Recovery Services Architecture Diagram
Gravity Servers Disaster Recovery Services Architecture Diagram

A combination of technologies are used, including our Enterprise Backups, VMWare’s SRM Replication, SQL2012/SQL2014 Availability Groups, and more. ┬áMuch of this depends on the specifics of your organization’s application / environment. ┬áRegardless of what that setup is, allow our years of experience in Disaster Recovery to help you!

Ready to Let Gravity Servers' Disaster Recovery Help You Stay Online?

Why wait? ┬áContact our Sales team, and we will have one of our Cloud Architects reach out to you for a NO OBLIGATION, NO CHARGE Disaster Recovery assessment and quote. We attach no strings, won’t bother you with repeated calls, and will wait on you to let us know that you’re ready to move forward, and are satisfied with your plan.

Disaster Recovery

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