Gravity Servers High Availability Services

Protection from Hardware Failure to Keep Your Application Running at All Times

Even though your application / server is in the cloud, the capacity for downtime due to hardware failure still exists. In fact, with several virtual machines residing on a single server, the impact of hardware failure can be immense if there is one. Rather than a single website or server going down, you can lose significant portions of your infrastructure, if not all of it.

With Gravity Servers’ High Availability offering, our monitoring systems and Global NOC continually watch for hardware faults in your infrastructure, and then automatically recover you to another cloud server that has properly functioning physical hardware. The infrastructure affected by the hardware failure runs on this failover system while the original hardware is repaired, and then brought back online.

How Does Gravity Servers’ High Availability Work?

The foundation of our High Availability is a layer of name brand, modern servers, with eye towards everything being “Always On”. This is different for every business and organization, but can be a combination of load balancing, database clustering, storage replication and more. Recovery time (called the Recovery Point Objective, or RPO) can be anywhere from an hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, or even 5 minutes, if your application absolutely needs Critical Availability. Every High Available solution from Gravity Servers is backed by our iron-clad Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Our High Availability solutions are OS-agnostic, and can work with Windows, Linux, Microsoft SQL, Sharepoint, Exchange, or any combination of these technologies and operating systems. Our team of Certified Cloud Administrators and Architects takes your plan, combined with your technologies, and creates an iron-clad protection layer around your application that is designed to keep you up when you need to be up, through whatever happens.

High Availability solutions happen in a single data center, and are for hardware-failure scenarios, but our High Availability Service can be combined with Gravity Servers’ Disaster Recovery Service to make you even more resilient. Hardware failure? Not a problem. Data center issue where it goes offline? Not a problem. You’re covered either way.

Although every single High Availability scenario is different, there is a basic architecture that is the beginning skeleton of any plan. You have a server that needs to be protected in the event of a hardware outage, or even several services. An exact copy of your server (hardware wise) is setup and a heartbeat setup between the two. The original server’s data, virtual machines, and any other configuration details is synced, constantly, to the other server. If that heartbeat fails for any reason whatsoever, the VMs on the second server are brought online, and with the time that it takes for them to boot, your environment is back online.


Gravity Servers High Availability Architecture Diagram
Gravity Servers High Availability Architecture Diagram

High Availability is a fully managed service. This means Gravity Servers obtains, installs, licenses, and fully manages all aspects of the service for your business. This will include creating custom policies, patching, upgrading, and otherwise maintaining its operation. Gravity Servers will provide proactive support and of course respond to any direct requests for assistance.

Ready to Let Gravity Servers' High Availability Help You Stay Online?

Why wait?  Contact our Sales team, and we will have one of our Cloud Architects reach out to you for a NO OBLIGATION, NO CHARGE High Availability assessment and quote. We attach no strings, won’t bother you with repeated calls, and will wait on you to let us know that you’re ready to move forward, and are satisfied with your plan.

High Availability

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