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Protection for Your Servers, Your Environment, Your Sanity

One of the most important things in your environment is security, and as such, we take it very seriously. Seriously enough that our SecOps department has a wide range of Security Services to meet your needs, and your requirements, whether they be individual or regulatory. Your environment has valuable data stored on it. Data that hackers are out to get, and you are bound to protect. And as regulatory frameworks such as HIPAA, PCI, HITRUST and more grow, keeping up with the new threats and the rules for regulatory compliances becomes even more complex. Why not let Gravity Servers help you with those requirements? Our industry certified Security Administrators spend every day living and breathing security, and it is their job to to provide you with the expertise, services, and solutions to secure your data, based on your requirements.

Managed Firewalls: How do They Work?

Firewalls have the options to block, allow, and restrict access to ports on the servers that are behind the firewalls. Whether they be physical servers, appliances of some type, or cloud servers, any of these can be protected by a firewall’s policies. You can allow a list of predetermined IP addresses to access a particular port, allow all IP address to access a particular port, or use a VPN connection through the firewall to access your network. Basically, a firewall is a gatekeeper that guards the ports on your server(s) from unauthorized access.

Note that firewalls are not proactive in the sense that they, for example, can monitor failed logins and then block an IP that has failed a certain number of logins. They are not connected to your server in the sense that they monitor logs, and so forth. However, they will protect you from common attacks such as port scans, large numbers of sessions from a single IP address, common network attacks, and other related attacks. With Gravity Servers’ Managed Firewall, we configure all of this for you, monitor it, and adjust any rules, and/or settings, as needed.

When you purchase a managed firewall, the firewall that you receive is dedicated to your environment specifically, and dedicated for your use. This is different than a shared firewall that some companies offer because it allows the firewall to handle a higher load if you need to push a large amount of data, or come under specific network attack. The firewall guards your server against any unauthorized access, based on your specific requirements.

Many regulatory requirements, such as HIPPA, PCI, and HITRUST, require that you have some type of firewall in place to be able to pass compliance. Our SecOps Administrators are conversent and well-trained in all such regulatory requirements, and can help you configure not only your firewall to meet such requirements, but your server, and your entire environment.

Your firewall can also be divided into “Zones” with different rules, to make managing them an easier task. For example, you may have a “Web” zone, where your web servers go that have specific policies to allow HTTP and HTTPS traffic through, and nothing else. You could also have a “DB” zone, where your database servers reside, with the only traffic allowed to them coming from your servers, and the only way to access them from the outside being a VPN connection through the firewall. This completely protects and segregates them from the outside Internet, creating a safe zone that cannot even be reached by unauthorized individuals. Finally, you might have a “DMZ” zone, where there are absolutely no restrictive rules whatsoever, where servers are zoned that do not require any firewall protection at all.

Firewall zones can be as simple, or as complex as you like, and we will manage it all for you. It can even be as simple as there only being two zones: Untrust, where the Internet is, and Trust, which is where all of your servers reside. Regardless of how simple or complex the firewall setup, Gravity Servers is there every step of the way for you.

Ready to Let Gravity Servers' Managed Firewalls Protect You?

Why wait?  Contact our Sales team, and we will have one of our Cloud Architects reach out to you for a NO OBLIGATION, NO CHARGE Firewall assessment and quote. We attach no strings, won’t bother you with repeated calls, and will wait on you to let us know that you’re ready to move forward, and are satisfied with your plan.

Optionally, simply select “Managed Firewalls” under the Server menu item on our website and purchase the Firewall that you need directly!

Managed Firewalls

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